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Data Required to Make Time Table

You need to do collect following information before sitting down to make timetable of your institution. You just need to make entries once and then data is remembered for all times to come.

  1. List of Classes
  2. No. of Sections in each class
  3. List of Departments, if any
  4. List of Teaching Faculty with Department (if any)
  5. List of all Subjects taught in your institution
  6. Class wise list of subjects
  7. List of Class Teachers with classes (if you have them)
  8. Teacher wise list of subjects that the teacher is likely to take
  9. teach in his/her class.
  10. Subject wise no. of periods in each of the classes
  11. Class wise List of Optional Subjects
  12. Max. No. of periods to be allocated to each of the teachers
  13. Max. No. of continuous periods that the faculty be allocated

With all the above data in front of you, start working on ‘My Time Table’ from the menu and fill out all the data as described in ‘How To Make Time table’.