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Over a Million people from over 130 Countries have accessed this site. This is a free site for making your Time Table. This online software has been designed to assist you in making error free time table for your institution. It provides easy to use environment which takes care of all the issues of making of a time table. It takes away the need of purchasing or maintaining software because we do it for you. Our team of professionals is all the time working to upgrade and provide new features that are available from time to time to enable users to always have best of our product all the time. You need not worry of using an outdated or obsolete product. We keep informing you of newest developments and features being added by our R&D team based on feedback from our esteemed users from all around the Globe.

Our online support system has a team of experienced users to guide you and use the time tabling software effectively.

Key Features of Time Tabler

  • Suitable for Schools, Degree Colleges, Professional Colleges, Educational Institutions
  • 100% Error free Time Table
  • Teacher's Time Table
  • Class Time Table
  • Possible to Combined Classes
  • Multiple Teachers in a period
  • Any Number of Subjects
  • Any Number of Sections
  • Any Number of Teachers
  • Optional Subject Management
  • Any Type of Classes/Streams
  • Building and Room Management
  • Custom Section Name
  • Attendance Marking
  • Daily Substitution Management
  • Time Management
  • Free Period Management
  • Exhaustive Reporting System:
  • Faculty : - Subject Teachers
    - Class wise Teachers
    - Faculty wise Subjects
    - Daily Faculty Time Table
    - Faculty Occupancy Chart
    - Complete Weekly Faculty Time Table
    - Free Period Report
  • Class : - Class Time Table
    - Daily Class Time Table
    - Complete Weekly Class Time Table
  • Substitution : - Faculty Substitution Report
    - Comprehensive Substitution Information System